Metallurgical Grade Fluorspar 85%

We are Fluorspar, Zinc oxide (Purity up to 99.5), Coal producer in Iran with more than 20 years experience in supplying our products to major local and international industries mainly in Turkey, India and Japan with high quality mineral products of Iran.

ProcessMetallurgical Grade Fluorspar
AreaMineral Beneficiation
UsesMajor applications in (a) fluorine Chemicals (b) Iron and steel industries
Salient FeaturesThe process is based on forth flotation of the milled r.o.m. with some chemical reagents, dewatering, drying and agglomeration of met. Grade concentrate. The process can treat low grade ore producing, high grade concentrate suitable for application in metallurgical and chemical industries.
Scale of DevelopmentThe process developed on a 20 tpd basis.
Major Raw MaterialsROM ore, oleic acid, sodium silicate, katha and caustic soda
Major Plant Equipment/MachineryPrimary and secondary crushers, grinding unit, conditioners, Flotation banks, Reagent feeders, pumps, Thickeners, Filter, Dryer Briquetting/ pelletizing units, bagging unit, water reclamation system.
Details of specific applicationThe process is applicable to beneficiation of low grade fluorite ore with quartz as the major gauge.
Status of DevelopmentProcess was developed at 20 tpd scale and commercialised
Ecological/Environmental Impact (if any, specify briefly)Arrangement for disposal of trailing and effluents are needed
Patenting detailsNil
Commercialisation StatusTransferred to few industries
Techno-EconomicsAvailable on demand
Key wordsLow Grade Fluorspar, Acid/Metallurgical Grade Concentrate, Froth Flotation


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