How to make a decision in 2020 in Iran?

Economic conditions affecting personal and work life

Always to make smart decisions and live, we need to know our environmental and environmental conditions properly. The more accurate our understanding of environmental issues and the conditions ahead, the better our choices will be and the more successful we will be.

اn economic terms, 1399 will be a difficult year like last year. Therefore, in this year, we must continue to be precise and calculated. We suggest that you make your career and career decisions this year based on the following:

1️⃣ Continuation of high inflation means inflation of at least 30%
2️⃣ Continuation of recession throughout the year, especially in the first half of the year and reduced demand in various markets
3️⃣ Continuing the corona at least until the beginning of summer and insisting on its consequences at least until the end of summer
4️⃣ Exchange rate fluctuations and its upward trend and growth around inflation until the end of the year
5️⃣ Gentle housing prices (slightly lower than the previous year) and the severe recession
6️⃣ Increase housing rents more than increase housing prices
7️⃣ More stock market returns from other markets (Despite the occurrence of several price corrections, the general trend will be upward)
8️⃣ Continuation of external conflicts and tensions, of course, still a little less than last year


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