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What is MetaFi? DeFi background and possibility of merging metaverse and DeFi.

Metaverse and DeFi are the two biggest technology trends, which are coming together with the concept of  MetaFi .  Since 2018, the disapproved financial (deaf) about Crypto City is clear for various reasons. This concept is based on the principles of allowing innovation, the possibility of entry and the principles of the rule of money. At the same time, another technological innovation metapap has emerged. At present, the convergence of these two technologies in the form of motorists provoked many discussions in the world of crypto. Dafi has successfully attracted the attention of encryption investors, although relatively low cost rate. Given that only 5% of the total crypto assets serve as collateral in DeFi, it is important to know how it will expand in the future. In the discussion below, we will try to find out about the MetaFi DeFi connection and how it works, along with some of its possible uses. DeFi background Before you try to learn more about MetaFi DeFi for metaverse, it is


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Story of Bitcoin

Bitcoin, the No. 1 market capitalization, is a decentralized cryptocurrency based on cryptography and blockchain technology. Birth of Bitcoin: In 2008, the global economic crisis was caused by the subprime financial crisis in the United States. In this crisis, poor credit management can lead to financial problems. Many government financial aid programs have been used for financial security. This was also indicative of the uncertainty in the financial sector. This lack of trust requires a central organization for all employees to function effectively. However, given these assurances, the illegality still exists and the central agencies will not operate. On November 1, 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto released the free Bitcoin form "Bitcoin: A P2P Electronic Money". In this free article, we explained how Bitcoin works. Based on blockchain and encryption technology, Bitcoin is a decentralized payment, which is a solution to skepticism. Here, all data exchanges have been recorded by the pe

What is blockchain?

 It will consist of blocks and become a chain. The block refers to the numeric information in the database. When blocks are connected, they become a chain. The blockchain acts as a distributed and decentralized ledger and its contents can be viewed by any member of the public.

What is Block means in Blockchain?

 A computer file that records transaction information. Blockchains are created when blocks are connected as a continuous chain.

What is Blow Up terms means? Reasons and how to prevent it.

Definition Forced liquidation usually occurs in financial markets such as stocks, forex and futures. The value of an investment can fluctuate due to rapid market changes. If an investor fails to add an appropriate margin deposit to their account for various reasons, the value of the investment will deviate too much from the value at the time the position was opened. In this case, a margin deposit could not cover the loss of the account and a forced liquidation ensued. Forced liquidation is also common in margin trading and contract trading in cryptocurrency markets. In the case of forced liquidation, the assets in the account will be dissolved. Investors lose all their capital. Processing: 1. Prices fluctuate and price trends go against expectations. 2. Your account will be confiscated and the value of funds in your account will be reduced. 3. It increases the associated leverage and reduces the amount of loss your account may suffer. 4. Price fluctuations continue and investors do not

What is Infinite Axis token?

Axie Infinity is a popular game on Ethereum. The game model represents the digital world with 140,000 axes. Each Axie has its own characteristics that determine Axie's character in the race. Players can battle, sell, and trade tools in-game, and even breed new Axies to help build their kingdom.

What is AI Security means?

One of Gartner's Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020. The advent of AI technology supports the advancement of electronic technology, but it also brings security threats and challenges, leading to a crisis of confidence. To solve this problem, the Gartner team came up with three things to improve AI security: protect against AI-powered systems, leverage AI to improve cybersecurity, and preempt malicious AI by users against.

What is EdDSA mean?

Edwards Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (EdDSA) is a cryptographic algorithm used by ADA, Stellar, Lisk, NEM, XMR and Tezos. EdDSA has low computing performance and high performance requirements. However, double-spending issues can easily arise.

What is token tool?

It is a type of cryptocurrency that can be considered an asset such as stocks and securities.

What me mean when we talk about anonymous in blockchain technology?

  One of the main features of the blockchain. Increase the level of confidentiality of the company without disclosing information about the parties to the exchange.

What is Altcoin terms mean?

 Altcoin Another cryptocurrency started after Bitcoin. Some altcoins do well in the market and sometimes seem to have good competition against Bitcoin.

What is Algorand?

 Algorand's consensus mechanism is pure unauthorized proof-of-stake. It brings total integration, protection and speed in a truly cohesive experience. With blocks completed in seconds, Algorand's exchange rate equates to large payments and financial sharing. And Algorand is the first blockchain to provide end-to-end exchange. No forks.

What is Anti-Money Laundering?

 Laws and regulations are put in place by the police to prevent offenders from hiding illegal income based on legal income.

What is ATOM Token?

 Cosmos is a decentralized network of independent parallel blockchains, all powered by BFT approval algorithms such as Tendermint. Cosmos was announced in March 2019. In other words, Cosmos is the echo of a scalable and interoperable blockchain. Before the Cosmos, blockchains were isolated and could not communicate with each other. They are difficult to design and can only make small changes per second. Cosmos solves these problems with a new vision.