What is Aeternity (AE) token?

AE(aeternity) is the ERC20 token of eternity project. æternity is a new blockchain technology, designed to deliver unmatched efficiency, transparent governance and global scalability.

Democratizing Blockchain

Founded in 2016 by Yanislav Malahov, the æternity blockchain project was born out of a desire for a more fair Internet supported by scalable, open-source and cryptographic software, with a commitment to technical excellence. æternity blockchain itself launched as the public æternity mainnet in 2018. It is now a blossoming community of enthusiasts supported via the æternity crypto foundation.

What makes eternity different

At its core is eternity blockchain protocol and a smart contract platform that goes beyond what traditional blockchains do. It is designed to be fault tolerant and ideal for cases with billions of DEFI transactions and more.
Hyperchains (coming soon)

Thanks to the consensual upgrade of æternity Hyperchains (which will soon be available via the bulletin board), æternity mainnet will be able to scale more on-chain and allow everyone to run their own private (as well as public) æternity-style sidebar without asking anyone's permission. Hyperchain agreement is to pack PoW on a bitcoin blockchain to generate a secure, tamper-resistant number to secure each hyperchain.


State channels allow smart contracts to be carried out outside the chain. Blockchain implements the smart contract code only in case of misunderstanding between the parties. Unlike most blockchains, the eternity core protocol has been redesigned to accommodate protocol-level state channels and smart contracts, making it easier to build applications for worldwide use. cases that require more direct and private transactions. without compromising the security of the public blockchain.

The Fast Eternity Transaction Engine, or FATE VM, uses a higher level of abstraction and automatically reduces error type analysis, providing a simpler, easier, and more secure programming environment.


Eternity smart contract programming is unique: Sophia is a typical functional programming language in the ML family that makes it easy to write the right programs by minimizing side effects and using formal processing methods.


By becoming part of the protocol, the Internet Naming System (NT) uses Personally Identifiable Names (NFTs) instead of mysterious addresses for accounts, making blockchain technology more accessible, less user-friendly, inaccurate, and human-friendly. Register your point name now with the Superhero scholarship. INTEROPERABLE ORAKELS ON A CHAIN

Forever, Oracle deals with special types of transactions. They can be programmed to request and deliver data from information providers and APIs, allowing you to blockchain applications for real-world data. Having Oracle available on-chain can improve security, reduce costs and eliminate the need for third-party solutions.

Why Aeternity?

In short: powerful, scalable and secure at almost all levels. And it'll be even better with Hyperchains and other powerful features coming soon. Find out more here or read the whitepaper.

Ref: https://www.aeternity.com/


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