What is Zeusshield (ZSC) token coin?

 What is Zeusshield (ZSC)?

What is the Zeusshield cryptocurrency?

What is the Zeusshield cryptocurrency? Brief description of Zeusshield.

Zeusshield is a platform that blockchain Ethereum will use to provide insurance services focused on a different business model compared to the traditional model used by insurance companies.

The purpose of Zeusshield

The traditional insurance system cannot sustain an increase in demand due to fraud and so on. Zeusshield offers a new system that uses AI, a blockchain to collect all user data in a smart contract, creating faster acquisition times and faster authentication for users.

Abstract Zeusshield

Insurance is an important tool in risk transfer. In nature, it is a form of mutual cooperation between different groups. People transfer risks that they cannot or do not want to take on collectively, so they pay small but regular amounts in exchange for many economic guarantees. The risks thus change into the form of insurance. For more information, see Zeusshield https://zsc.io/files/ZSC_Whitepaper_en.pdf

Other facts Zeusshield

Trademark: ZSC

Administration: Centralized> Flat

Open source: No.

Product status: just one idea

Consensus method: Ethereum consensus (now proof of work, later there may be proof of bet)

Emission rate: No new tokens have been created

Transactions per second: Unfortunately we do not have this data.

Total offer: 5642500000

Release Date: 2017-09-19

Useful links Zeusshield

Zeusshield website

Zeusshield price data and basic Zeusshield information

Zeusshield website

The official Zeusshield blog

Zeusshield Forum Bitcointalk

Zeusshield Blocks Explorer

Zeusshield's Alexa Page Stats

Zeusshield Official Forum: Sorry, we don't have this data available.

Zeusshield Github Code Repository:

Unfortunately, we do not have this data.

Zeusshield Road Map:


Zeusshield team website: https://zsc.io/#Team

Zeusshield's whitepaper: https://zsc.io/files/ZSC_Whitepaper_en.pdf


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