I am getting more than 1,000 views on Quora, but Quora is showing that my income is zero. What can I do now?

 There are a few potential reasons why you may be getting a lot of views on Quora but not earning any money:

  1. Quora uses a revenue-sharing model, where writers are paid based on the number of views their articles receive from people who have opted in to see ads. If most of your views are coming from people who have not opted in to see ads, you will not earn any revenue.
  2. Quora also pays based on engagement, so if readers are not engaging with your content, you may not earn as much money.
  3. You may not have set up your account properly to receive payments.

You may try to increase the engagement on your articles by asking questions, including images and videos, and encouraging readers to leave comments. Also, make sure your account is properly set up to receive payments. If you're still not earning any money, you could reach out to Quora's support team for help troubleshooting the issue.

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